After Biden Fails To Produce Results, GOP Leader Steps In On Energy Independence


In recent remarks to Newsmax on Wednesday, Senator Marsha Blackburn declared that the United States needs a new “Warp Speed” operation, specifically with regards to increasing American energy production in order to increase production.

However, President Joe Biden continues to blame the massive increase in gasoline prices purely on Russia, given that the world’s ostensible free leader is perpetually seeking “someone else to blame” aside from his own disastrous actions.

“Nothing is ever his fault,” the Republican senator from Tennessee declared on Newsman’s “Wake Up America.”

“The average gas price [per gallon] on Election Day was $2.11,” Senator Blackburn continued, citing facts and evidence to support her assertions.

“Why is it that the price started to go up?” the senator continued, “because Biden campaigned saying he was going to move us to a carbon-free future, [as well as] the Green New Deal.”

In order to achieve the “Green New Deal,” the Biden administration subsequently took aim at the fracking industry and endowed the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) with vastly more powers than before.

Moreover, one of Biden’s first actions as president was to terminate the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, which would have further enhanced America’s energy independence well into the future.

For this reason, Senator Blackburn advocates a “Warp Speed” initiative, in reference to former President Donald J. Trump’s “Warp Speed” operation regarding COVID vaccines during the pandemic.

“You say, okay, the Keystone XL pipeline would give us 830,000 additional barrels a day,” Blackburn continued, which echoed similar remarks that she had tweeted previously on the situation.

“We are flaring natural gas right now,” Blackburn continued, adding, “when you go down in the Gulf Coast region, we need to be putting that into the pipeline.”

“Let’s get that done,” the senator declared, adding that it was critical to start capping various wells across Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Florida, and Mississippi.

“Let’s go back to fracking,” the Tennessee Republican urged, “let’s move this oil into our system.”

Unfortunately, Blackburn also believes that all the higher oil prices are “all by design,” given the Biden administration’s clear intent to abandon fossil fuels as soon as possible.

Even more unfortunately, the administration has chosen to achieve such a gargantuan transition during a time of high inflation, as well as before “having everything ready for the American people, other alternative energies for us to use,” Blackburn concluded.