Americans Crushed Under Weight Of Biden’s Economy — And There’s No End In Sight


Oh, what a difference an election makes. Remember when people told you a President Joe Biden would be a “return to normalcy”? Did they mean record inflation, spiking gas prices, an open border, and rising crime? The Biden administration, despite its claims, is seemingly incapable of running the country. His team is made up of political hacks who couldn’t run a Denny’s let alone the agencies they are in charge of. And the result has been a derailed America.

Optimism is at its lowest. Paychecks have been essentially cut in half. And millions fear another Great Depression, not to mention a global war. Meanwhile, Joe Biden doesn’t do a single thing to reverse his failed presidency. Sadly, we shouldn’t be surprised to find that more Americans are experiencing anxiety under this failed leader.

Americans are experiencing a spike in anxiety in President Joe Biden’s America due to rising prices, supply chain issues, and global uncertainty, the American Psychological Association’s annual “Stress in America” poll revealed.

The stress over the past year has piled on, as Americans continued to face coronavirus restrictions, inflation, and global conflicts under Biden’s presidency. The survey found a whopping 87 percent of Americans identifying “rise in prices of every day items due to inflation (e.g. gas prices, energy bills, grocery costs)” as a significant source of stress.

Eighty-one percent also pointed to supply chain issues as a significant source of stress, followed by global uncertainty (81 percent), potential retaliation from Russia (80 percent), and the Russian invasion of Ukraine (80 percent). [Source: Breitbart]

Just a quick look at the factors increasing Americans’ stress proves this is Biden’s fault. What are the biggest contributors? High prices, the supply chain, global uncertainty, and the Russian invasion. All of this was either triggered by Joe or made much worse by him. Another 87% believe there has been a “constant stream of crises” since Joe took over. And 69% believe the Russian invasion will lead to global war.

And what is Joe doing to make things better? Uh… nothing, he’s doing nothing. Biden seems to be ignoring the pain Americans are feeling—as if he wants us to fail. I can’t claim that is his true motivation, but he certainly doesn’t want us to succeed.

Biden’s administration is loaded with socialists, whose ideas don’t work in real life. But they are too proud to admit they are wrong. And they are certainly not going back to Trump’s policies, which had a proven track record.

So, I guess we’re stuck in this downward spiral, until someone actually stops Joe. Perhaps when we get a new Congress, things will get better?

Author: Mac Davis