Anti-Trump Forces Admit Total Defeat

Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) is retiring, as the new Congress takes office in January. Because of redistricting, he will not be running again.

So, on his way out the door, joining with the Democrats on the Jan. 6 Committee is his shameful swan song. Rep Liz Cheney (R-WY), another “Republican” turncoat on the Committee, will be dismissed by Wyoming voters in her Tuesday primary.

But in what is a stunning admission for someone as ignorant as Kinzinger, he stated to WGN-TV that he believes Mr. Trump has “beaten” him in the battle over the GOP’s soul.

“Asked in the one-on-one interview if former President Trump had won the “Trump vs. Kinzinger battle,” the Illinois GOP replied, “There’s no need to sugarcoat things.”

“Yes, he did. At the very least, in the short term,” Kinzinger, one of ten House Republicans that voted to impeach Donald Trump, told Ben Bradley of WGN. “I can’t pretend that I scored a major victory and saved the party by any means.”

“I didn’t think there would be a flood of people coming over, but I certainly didn’t anticipate being alone,” he continued. “We talk about democracy — particularly Republicans who always talk about the Constitution — yet we’re brazenly disregarding it now.”

When he joined the Democrats, ignoring all of the evidence that refutes his Jan. 6 narrative, one could only imagine how arrogant and clueless he was. Almost all of the 10 Republicans who voted against Trump’s impeachment in the House have either resigned or lost their primaries.

While speaking about the “soul of the GOP,” this may also be a hint that the Jan. 6 Committee has nothing. Because if they did, and he thought they would be able to nail Trump on it soon, he wouldn’t say that. The Committee would have already said it if they had something. However, so far, they’ve come up empty-handed. That said, they will undoubtedly try to throw anything and everything at Trump in order to prevent him from getting elected before the midterms; perhaps the FBI will assist them in doing so.

Author: Scott Dowdy