Biden Breaks Another Campaign Promise That Will Make 2024 A Picnic For Trump

Embattled President Biden, whose presidency is now drowning in many crises, has undermined his own credibility yet again by breaking his pledge to “buy American.”

He had promised to do so during his presidential campaign and gave an executive order only days after taking office “ensuring that when the government spends money they are spent on American made items made by Americans and with American components.”

This week, Joe Biden doubled down on the claim in two different speeches.

First, in comments at the White House touting the economy, he said he would ensure “we buy American.”

“I made it certain that when the government spends dollars, we buy American products, including with all the components, with very few exceptions,” he stated.

Unfortunately, this was only another instance of his shameless hypocrisy.

Last month, the Joe Biden White House gave $1.3 billion to a Chinese company to make COVID-19 rapid tests.

The DOD announced on January 13 that it had given the contract to iHealth, a subsidiary of China’s Andon Health Co.

Numerous people blasted Joe Biden, asking why an American company was not selected to make the tests.

Republican Congressman Michael Waltz from Florida said to The Washington Free Beacon that bestowing the contract onto China was akin to “paying the arsonist to help put out the fire.”

The congressman was speaking about the fact that the pandemic began from a lab leak at the Wuhan Virology Institute.

Waltz also showed alarm over America’s continuing dependence on Chinese goods amid the harrowing supply chain problems roiling across the United States coming from its dependence on foreign made goods.

GOP Congressman Elise Stefanik of NY also rebuked Joe Biden, saying his decision to give the DoD contract to China was “placing our national security at greater risk while simultaneously filling up the pockets of the Chinese Party, who is behind the unleashing of COVID-19 onto the world and then hiding it.”

Senator Ron Johnson from Wisconsin said this was the latest example of how the Biden White House has failed to deal with the pandemic.

“Dr. Fauci, Joe Biden, Dr. Walensky and our federal health agencies’ dealing of coronavirus has been a total failure,” Johnson said to the Free Beacon, calling out Biden White House medical adviser Anthony Fauci and CDC chief Rochelle Walensky.

“The president was eliminating American jobs the first day in office and this is yet another insult to American businesses who are suffering in the failure of his economic programs,” he said.

In addition to breaking his pledge to “buy American,” Biden also broke his campaign promises to “stop the virus.”

Author: Scott Dowdy