Biden Breaks Another Record, But Not The Good Kind

President Joe Biden, who just had his BBB agenda said to be “dead” by a senator from his own Dem party, has just reached an all-time polling low.

That West Virginia thorn in Joe Biden’s side, Manchin, could only as well have used this same word to describe Biden’s standing with the American public.

For the first time ever — and just a year after he won the race — the RCP polling average reveals that Biden was under the crucial 40% support threshold.

Around 39.8% of Americans, registered voters, and possible voters give the almost-octogenarian a passing grade.

What could be the most terrifying thing to the Biden Team — which is run by overly-ambitious liberals that constantly lie about “Moderate Joe” — is the spread between Joe Biden’s approve and disapprove ratings.

It’s almost 15 points, with the “Disapproves” at a stunning 54.4%.

Sorry to anger you with so many figures but this is important.

Biden’s disapproval number is in the “lose by a landslide” area, and there are just around 5% of voters left who do not have a strong opinion about Joe Biden one way or the another.

That means his public narrative as a good president is largely set.

Good luck establishing a fresh narrative after another one is already in place. Doing this would require a big win to change things.

Biden’s liberal agenda is dead. His attempt to remove the filibuster is, too, and that means Biden’s liberal agenda is not only “mostly dead.” It is completely dead.

Dem politicians are already snubbing Biden, a rude fate usually reserved for lame ducks during an inevitable second-term problem or scandal.

And just when Joe Biden needs help on Capitol Hill to change things, do you know what he supported?Biden, out of nowhere, supported allowing Capitol Hill staffers to unionize.

As we have seen, rarely does even the most liberal pro-union Democrat support allowing their own people to unionize.

But that is been President Biden for over a year now: He has the Merde Touch. Everything he touches turns to crap. But like a kid in a candy store, he just can’t stop touching everything.

Author: Scott Dowdy