Biden Drags Local And State Democrats Down, And This Proves It

According to new surveys commissioned by the GOP State Leadership Committee, President Joe Biden’s mistakes at the national level are negatively impacting Dem candidates in state-level elections in 2022.

A memo from the RSLC President Dee Duncan says how the “radical leftist agenda being pushed by President Joe Biden and his team in D.C. is destroying and sinking Dems at the state level in many key battleground states across the nation” as the most pressing problems for voters across the nation are ones on which Joe Biden and Dems lag behind the GOP.

Even worse for Dems, the solutions proposed by the GOP enjoy better popularity from voters who are eager to remedy the problems created by President Joe Biden and others in his party. Just as Republican candidates for the U.S. Senate and House get the advantage of Americans becoming angered by Biden’s agenda, so do GOP members running for state offices. According to the survey commissioned by the RSLC, “34% of possible voters believe the country is on a good course compared to 62% who think it is on a bad course.”

And instead of being a good asset for Dems, President Joe Biden is now a big liability with 44 percent of voters not seeing the president favorably compared to 54 percent of them who have an unfavorable view. Dem legislators at the federal level are somewhat split at 42 percent favorable and 51 percent unfavorable while Dems at the state level do somewhat better at 44 percent favorable compared to 49 percent unfavorable.

On the flip side, GOP state legislators have a 48 percent favorable compared 43 percent unfavorable number. And on the generic state legal ballot, GOP members currently have a six-point lead over Dems. Among independent possible voters, Republicans possess an even greater 15-point advantage.

That differential, the RSLC survey reveals, is due to more 2022 voters (at 51 percent) would rather have a GOP state legislature to check what President Joe Biden is doing at the national level, compared to 40 percent who would like a state legislature that supports Biden and his agenda.

Author: Blake Ambrose