Biden-FBI Corruption Gets Exposed, Washington Conservatives Promise Payback

Wisconsin Republican Sen. Ron Johnson has slammed The NY Times this week, as reported by the NY Post, after they were forced to admit the truth of Hunter Biden’s laptop.

The NY Post reported the story in Oct. 2020 on Pres. Joe Biden’s crack head son Hunter Biden’s foreign business deals, and his connection to the Ukrainian energy firm Burisma, while his daddy was vice pres..

Ron Johnson called on the NY Times to apologize (sure, it will), and the fifty-one so-called “intelligence experts” who originally hurried to say that the laptop was Russian disinfo in a message that was released only days following the NY Post’s exclusive reports.​

“The NY Times is finally, very quietly, trying to cover up its tracks. Where are the apologies? Where is our apology from the intelligence … operatives?”

“They were saying that the laptop had all the signs of Russian disinfo. I had no information at all, not any evidence of this being Russian disinfo. So, all of these intel. operatives confirmed … a story that was not true.” 

“It was plain to see very early on that Hunter’s laptop was real. They should not have ever tainted the process with that letter. Is there going to be an apology for it? I would not hold my breath.”

You need to breathe, sen.. When James Clapper, CNN pundit and professional liar, who was almost charged with perjury because of lying to Congress and signing a letter that says the laptop “has the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation,” that guy will not apologize for lying his partisan ass off and getting caught.

Close to the end of the segment, Ron Johnson watched what we have known for decades about the so-called “mainstream” news media — and more than six years, the lapdog media’s attempts to destroy Donald Trump:

“The main point is that the mainstream media with, bias, corruption, and complicity in the Russian collusion hoax, got in the way of our elections.”

Democrats will never stop corrupting our nation’s institutions and the narrative until Republicans finally grow a pair and fight back at their level.

Author: Steven Sinclaire