Biden Hilariously Mocked After Pro-Trump Kids Get Him Good


President Biden was hilariously trolled through social media after a picture revealing him surrounded with children wearing pro-Trump clothes went viral.

The unverified picture was allegedly taken when Biden went to Pennsylvania, as part of the ceremonies honoring Sept. 11 victims.

The picture reveals Joe Biden surrounded by nine kids, apparently during a stop at the Shanksville Volunteer Fire Dept.

A boy standing to Joe Biden’s left was sporting a red T-shirt with a photo of Donald Trump and the words reading “Be Back.”

A girl to Biden’s right had a red hat with “Trump” on it. Another girl had a hat stating “Make America Great Again.”

NBC News had reported that after going to a memorial event at ground zero, Biden went to the Flight 93 memorial in the city of Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

“We might not always see eye to eye, but we all come together UNITED! My daughter has the blue Trump hat,” Jana Musser published to Facebook and Twitter along with the picture.

Before going to Pennsylvania, Joe Biden was heckled at in NY City, as reported by the New York Post.

“This was even more humiliating to Joe Biden than getting booed at the World Trade Center memorial,” Jack Posobiec, former Navy intel. officer, tweeted with the picture.

“Even the children are laughing at Biden as they troll him using their Trump clothes. Poor girl beside Joe got with him attempting to catch a feel as he brings her in tight – very disgusting,” SoCalRightSide said as the user retweeted Posobiec’s post.

“Clueless Joe Biden gets trolled by Trump kids in Pennsylvania,” said Trinita, who says she is an “Italian Tattooed G1rlFlag of Italywith with a big gun that supports Friends, Family, Faith, Flag & Freedom.”

“Messages from the future. Not a coincidence. BE BACK,” Loop said along with the picture.

“Bahahaha,” said Art TakingBack, whose user account reports that it is “better to fight for what you believe in than to die for nothing.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire