Biden Hints At His Next Big Move: Instigating WW3


President Biden went to talk to the intel. community at the Office of the DNI yesterday. He spoke in front of around 120 employees and top officials, according to the news outlet Stars and Stripes.

During his comments, he was asked about if there would be mandates that federal employees must be vaccinated. In reply, Biden essentially said that Americans who are not vaccinated, were not as smart as he believed they were if they did not get vaccinated.

Biden also said that we might get involved in a “real shooting war” as a result of a cyber attack.

“I believe it is more likely we are going to end up—if we get into a real shooting war, with a top power—it will be because of a cyber attack of great consequence,” Biden stated.

But he has not really done a lot to stop these breaches apart from handing Vladimir Putin a list of 16 places that he was attempting to warn them away from cyber hitting. His cyber border is as pathetic as his southern one.

So now he moves from doing nothing to speaking about a “shooting war”? If there is anything that would be more troubling than what Biden is giving us right now, it would be a war with Biden at the top. So is he really hinting that this is where we’re going? It’s not normal to jump to that, at least not in my mind, to go from saying we must do something about cyber attacks to “now there’s a shooting war.”

Biden also attempted to compare himself against President Trump when it comes to the intel. community. Trump rightly was worried about the agenda and power of the intel. community. Biden made it certain that he was very comfortable with them. Not a surprise. But then he joked or maybe said something he shouldn’t have. Who knows. Many jokes come from truth. He says he must “seek permission to leave.”

This is not the first time he has said that he needs permission from others to do things. It’s one of the reasons that people speak about “handlers” when discussing him.

Author: Blake Ambrose