Biden Is Days Away From Resigning, See Why…


Former White House doctor Ronny Jackson, who worked under both Presidents Trump and Obama, told Fox News this Thursday night that he thinks that President Biden will be forced into resignation or will come up against the 25th Amendment over topics related to his mental health.

Jackson, who is now representing Texas’ 13th Congressional District, informed Fox News that he was reporting for a while that “something is happening here.”

“And I have been saying that it will only get worse, and guess what? We are watching that occur right in front of us,” Jackson said. “And I am to the point where I went from telling people we should be worried about what might happen to now saying, hey, what is going on right now?”

“Where are the academics in medicine that were asking for President Trump to get a cognitive test? Where are these folks?” Jackson said. “There is something very seriously happening with this man. And you know, I believe that he is either going to resign, they will convince him to resign in the near future for medical problems, or they will use the 25th Amendment to remove this man right now. There is some serious stuff happening.”

Jackson said that people within Biden’s cabinet are possibly looking at Biden and thinking about if he is able to go forward with his responsibilities as President. Jackson said that “this is a national security matter at this point … it truly is.”

Jackson later published a video clip from this news segment to Twitter, saying: “Something is SERIOUSLY wrong with Joe Biden – and it will only get WORSE! It is past embarrassment. He is lost. He is confused. He can barely deliver a coherent sentence. He MUST undergo a cognitive exam and reveal the results!”


Jackson also spoke about a clip that went viral from Biden’s town hall this week, saying: “WHAT IS WRONG with Biden!!!! The American public deserves to know. I am terrified for our nation!”

In the clip, Biden was asked a question about children under 12 getting vaccinated.

“Soon, I think,” Biden responded.

“How soon, Mr. President?” CNN’s Don Lemon pressed.

“let me finish the question. The answer, soon meaning I do not tell any scientist what he or she can do, I don’t interfere,” Biden replied. “…When they are ready, when they have done all the scientific need be done to decide children at ages 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8, they, in fact, are, all have different makeups, they are developing…”

Author: Blake Ambrose