Biden Lets His Plans For 2024 Slip… And Nobody Is Surprised


According to reports, Joe Biden has advised Barack Obama that he would seek reelection in 2024 and defeat Donald Trump.

Despite his poor approval rating, Biden thinks he is the only Dem who can defeat Donald Trump in 2020 if he does decide to run, according to two sources on the Hill. Biden’s plans to seek reelection show that he has long been thinking about running. If Biden throws his hat in the ring, he will be in his mid-80s,

“I believe he believes he is the only person who can beat Trump. I do not believe he thinks there is anyone in the Dem. Party who can beat Trump, which is the most important aspect,” a source familiar with Biden and Obama’s discussion said.

“[Biden] will run, and he’s telling everyone loudly,” a second source confirmed.

In 2021, as Biden approaches his second term, he said he will seek re-election. This has divided the Democrat Party and engulfed VP Kamala Harris and Sec. of Transportation Peter Buttigieg.

Although both Harris and Buttigieg have expressed interest in running for president in 2024, the two are believed to be hesitant. Buttigieg has since backtracked on his presidential ambitions after White House staff slammed his possible 2024 bid as being “disrespectful” to Harris.

The White House and the DNC have been dealing with how to “engender a larger electorate” in the midterms and beyond due to Joe Biden’s decision to run in 2024.

“People are extremely frustrated with the DNC’s and the White House’s control of it,” a DNC member said to The Hill in August about the party’s future.

“The White House is not thinking about how to build the electorate as a whole, but they’re focused on a few states. Everything is about the re-election of the president. There’s a divide within the DNC between those who support Biden and those attempting to run an election cycle.”

The infighting has continued into this year. Last week, Democratic campaign strategists said that if Biden enters the race in 2024, he will first have to face Democrat primary challenges.

Author: Blake Ambrose