Biden Loses Support From The Last Place He Had Left


When Donald Trump was president, workers of all levels benefited. He slashed thousands of regulations, lowered taxes, and negotiated deals to bring back jobs. Blue-collar workers, union members, college graduates, and small business owners all saw more opportunity and increases in pay.

But that all ended when Joe Biden entered office.

Sure, some of the more powerful, corrupt labor unions backed Sleepy Joe. I guess they looked at Trump’s record on the economy and said, “Meh, let’s see what a globalist can do for us!” And now, they are reaping the whirlwind.

Joe’s terrible policies have already hurt our economy. He has contributed to massive inflation, a worker shortage, and more. His open Southern border will have dire consequences for years to come, hurting union workers and many others. But perhaps his worst decision was his vaccine mandate, which is about to lead to a cascade of resignations.

Several labor unions, however, have forcefully condemned vaccine mandates, which they said stripped workers of their civil liberties. Many have warned of major consequences including potential mass resignations.

“Any staffing shortage, especially during a pandemic, is a threat to the health and safety of both students and personnel,” Mark Cannizzaro, president of New York City’s largest union representing school administrators and principals, said in a statement Thursday…

A Massachusetts police union, meanwhile, said dozens of state troopers have already resigned over a vaccine mandate requiring all state employees to get vaccinated…

In San Diego, roughly 45% of police officers said they would prefer to be fired than comply with a city mandate to receive a vaccine [Source: Daily Caller]

Joe Biden convinced many unions to abandon a job-creating president like Trump. What they got in exchange was a closet socialist who is putting illegal aliens ahead of union workers. Biden’s first “stimulus” contributed to inflation, which hurts working-class Americans the most. He wants to give amnesty to roughly 11 million illegals, which would immediately put many Americans out of work.

On top of that, he is pushing an unconstitutional vaccine mandate that will force union members to choose between their jobs and their personal freedom. Plenty of Americans continue to have reservations about the vaccine. It’s their choice to get it or not. But Biden is forcing their hand, in the worst government overreach we’ve ever seen.

Already, hundreds of thousands of workers across the country have quit their jobs. In New York, the medical industry faces a major crisis, as they lose nurses and staff. How is Biden going to keep unions happy with him, when he is actively working against them?

Yes, the corrupt leaders of these unions might agree with him. But they are bought and sold by the very industries they are supposed to be challenging. I doubt the hard-working parents who make up most of their organizations feel the same about Biden’s evil scheme.

Make no mistake, if thousands of union workers quit because of Biden’s mandate, he will never recover. And he deserves it.

Author: Thomas Graham