Biden Makes A Decision So Bad Even Team Obama Is Screaming “Stop!”

According to former Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, the present stalemate on the US-Mexico border, sparked by Biden’s administration, is “unsustainable” because of the high number of illegal entries.

The Department of Homeland Security has predicted that up to 18,000 undocumented immigrants a day will enter the United States during the peak spring and summer seasons, especially after Title 42 expires. 42 has been used since the beginning of the COVID-19 epidemic to keep the virus from spreading in Border Patrol holding facilities, but it may be phased out as COVID curbs have relaxed.

“The border is a tough problem. I’m waiting to see whether they eliminate Title 42 on the southern border. It’s simply a method to keep the numbers down; however, these numbers are very high,” Johnson added.

Typically, the peak months are March and April… In six months, we will reach a million. My career-high was 68,000 for the whole year; that felt like the world was coming to an end in terms of politics. “The numbers are massive. In my opinion, they are unsustainable,” he added. “You make a compelling point; if Title 42 is lifted, the public health debate may shift to the southern border.”

Border Patrol apprehending 1,000 individuals each day has previously been described by Johnson as a significant problem. When 15,000 Haitians were forced to camp under the international bridge after illegally crossing into Texas due to a lack of space, DHS is having to prepare for more than one Del Rio bridge from September 2021 a day.

Democrats clearly want to flood America with as many people who would vote for them as possible. But the thing that never gets spoken about is that this same dynamic is playing out in Europe, Canada and Australia. All nations with majority or formerly majority white populations. Also, the conservative parties in all of these countries seem to be allowing this huge movement of third world people. It’s almost as if the whole thing is a part of the plan for globalization. Republicans must grow a spine and call this agenda out if western civilization is going to survive.

Author: Blake Ambrose