Biden Sneaks Through The Most Far-Left Immigration Move In U.S. History

A startling discovery has been made about the millions of open immigration cases against unlawful immigrants. The Biden Administration has issued a directive to federal prosecutors instructing them to dismiss backlogged cases. According to The Washington Examiner, “there are as many as 2 million unresolved immigration issues in courts, and the order may “effectively pardon” 1 million individuals by 2024.”

It’s a de facto amnesty, according to one federal prosecutor.

After a political appointee’s order to not go after the illegal border crossers that crossed prior to the Nov. 2020 election, attorneys for ICE have started tossing out tens of thousands of the two million cases that are backlogged in immigration court.

“This is effectively a de facto amnesty,” said a federal ICE prosecutor that spoke with the Washington Examiner about the condition of anonymity.

The Examiner was able to acquire leaked video recordings of ICE’s main legal advisor, Kerry Doyle, discussing which pending instances should be abandoned.

“ICE would only pursue individuals who were identified as a national security or public safety risk or those who had crossed the border illegally after November 1, 2020. All others would be abandoned.”

“We’ve put our thumb somewhat heavily in the favor of dismissal and long-term solutions, as the memo demonstrates — I think pretty clearly,” Doyle said during a confidential staff meeting on April 14. “Even if you’ve invested a significant amount of time on the case, if it’s not a priority, you should be offering [prosecutorial discretion].”

At this rate, Immigration and Customs Enforcement are expected to dismiss roughly 1 million illegal immigration cases by the summer of 2024.

Every case that is dismissed is a person who will be able to apply for legal residency and eventually citizenship. The dismissals are not only de facto amnesty, but they also encourage lawlessness. Immigration enforcement personnel charge that the dismissals are an active assault on their capacity to do their duties.

If we overload our already stretched welfare system, keep on pushing inflation to higher levels, inflate gas prices to unsustainable heights, drive the quality of education down… If we follow that strategy for much longer, we must ask the question…

Is the Biden administration working to fracture America on purpose? And, for what reason?

Author: Steven Sinclaire