Biden Team Hints At Their Next Trillion-Dollar Fiasco


While there has been no formal announcement, the White House is said to be considering ways to give Ukraine some military assistance. “We need a Marshall Plan for Ukraine,” Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg said to the UK Guardian this week, while touring Europe, regarding a plan to rebuild war-torn Ukraine after the Russian military withdraws with a “Marshall Plan” that will include billions of dollars in aid.

Buttigieg was in Europe to have a meeting with transportation ministers from all across the world — even though the United States is grappling with supply chain shortages, a baby formula crisis, and clogged cargo docks that are theoretically within his purview.

The idea of a “Marshall Plan” has been mentioned by former Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko, whose time in power was widely linked to corruption, leading to the election of president Volodymyr Zelensky.

The U.S. and other donor nations would have no way of monitoring the disbursement of aid funds to a notoriously corrupt nation. This comes after a recent $40 billion military aid bill lacked oversight by an inspector general, according to reports.

“It’s not only about how we finance immediate demands and help them maintain the war effort; it’s also about how we support Ukraine’s ability to be economically viable and create a long-term future for themselves, even as they’re under assault,” Butgigieg said.

Buttigieg argued that sending Ukraine money to rebuild transportation was necessary to solve the global food shortages.

Isn’t it strange how American leaders are more worried about the welfare of other countries and their citizens than they are about their own? Of course, this not about helping anyone, this is about the expansion of the American empire.

Why can’t our leaders focus on problems here at home like  the homeless crisis, the opioid epidemic, and the crumbling infrastructure? It is time for America to stop being the world’s policeman and start taking care of its own.

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Author: Blake Ambrose