Biden Would Rather Let Americans Die Than Get Help From a Conservative


The U.S. State Dept. is responsible for interrupting the departure of numerous planes holding Americans and Afghans at an airport in the middle eastern nation, BlazeTV founder Glenn Beck has said this Tuesday.

The planes — which had around 100 Americans and 1,000 Afghans — were paid for by The Nazarene Fund, a charity which was founded by Beck to help with evacuations from Afghanistan after the United States military’s withdrawal from the country.

News broke about multiple planes being prevented from leaving after the Taliban would not allow the aircraft to leave. But Beck says, it was not the Taliban that had stopped the planes from leaving.

Instead, it was the State Dept. that would not allow the landing clearance to the planes, stopping them from leaving. The department supposedly canceled the flight at the last minute, declining to accept the manifest. He added that United States officials went on to give the manifest list to the Taliban.

“They were on the plane and ready to go” before State Dept. officials got involved and deboarded the plane, Beck said this Tuesday morning. “They were informed to go back to the airport and give everything to the Taliban.”

“They were dismissed from the airport while the State Dept. works this out with the Taliban,” he said, stressing that many of the people are now waiting out in safe houses, “but not all of them.”

“This was like the State Dept. sending up flares, saying to the terror group, ‘Hey, look here,'” he said later on.

The radio and tv personality insisted his team was working hard to complete their mission despite the latest setback.

“We had all of this,” he said. “We will have to return and get these people now for the planes. But when we get the green light, these people will get back on the planes. And if there is one missing, I swear to you … We have eight to 10 other aircraft that are ready to go out if the State Dept. will allow us to.”

Previously, some Republican lawmakers have alleged that it was the Taliban that was keeping the aircraft from leaving Afghanistan, in hopes of getting their demands met by the Biden Administration.

Author: Blake Ambrose