Biden’s Economy Just Hit Another Terrifying Marker — The Worst Is Yet To Come


Workers continued to resign from their jobs at a sky-high pace in August with the amount of “quits” surging to a record 4.3 million, the Labor Dept. said this week — a rise from the 242,000 from July.

August quits reached the new “series high” going back to Dec. 2020, according to the department’s Job Openings Survey. The rate is measured against the overall employment.

Guess what is to blame for this record number of job losses in the month of August?

It’s not the economy. Not even close.

As reported by The NY Times, Fox Business, and other news outlets, the economy was thought to rebound strongly this year and has done so even with the terrible September jobs report.

So what do experts point to as the reason? In a word, Biden not only has no clue what he is doing as it relates to so-called “job creation” by the government — the government does not create jobs even if president after president say otherwise — but he also cluelessly continues to almost singlehandedly destroy the American jobs market.

Let us sum it up in this way:

It’s covid, stupid.

More precisely, It is Joe Biden, MSNBC, CNN, anti-white school boards, airlines — the list goes on and one — scaring the hell out of normal Americans.

Here is more from CNBC:

“Quits have been historically seen as a level of confidence from workers who feel they can find employment somewhere else, though labor dynamics have changed due to COVID-19. Workers have left their jobs due to health worries and child care problems unique to the covid circumstances.”

According to Elise Gould, who is senior economist from the Economic Policy Institute, the fall in August job openings and the increase in quits tracked with the increase in COVID cases, as tens of millions of people were freaked out.

COVID cases have since lowered nationally, though some health care professionals worry about another increase during the colder months.

Chief economist at Fwdbonds, Chris Rupkey, echoed Gould’s thoughts, as reported by CNBC:

“There is an huge labor shortage in the nation right now and it is not due to people quitting or having child care issues, or not being able to get to work because of the Delta variant. The economy is very strong right now, that is why there is huge tremendous demand for more labor.”

Or an even better explanation is that American don’t want to be forced to take the vaccine. So they are doing the only thing they can to protest Biden’s new mandate: Quit.

Author: Scott Dowdy