Biden’s Gun Control Speech Ends With An Embarrassing “Poop Accident”

President Joe Biden was in Menlo, Iowa to talk about his efforts to reduce gas prices and inflation.

Biden announced that he would allow an E15 blend, which is normally prohibited in the summer owing to air pollution concerns, instead of increasing drilling or reducing some of his anti-energy rules on oil production. We previously reported on this development in a different piece. That’s his “important” news to help drive down gas prices. So it’s doubtful that this will please conservatives as well as enrage liberals. Because there are only a limited number of places that can accomplish this, it’s unclear how much this would help.

“It remains to be seen what impact E15 will have on gasoline prices. Because there is little infrastructure to sell E15 gas when compared with E10 petrol, it is unlikely that all suppliers will invest in a product that can’t be sold year-round.”

It was even more difficult to grasp all of what he was talking about since he rambled so much, with no firm throughline to many of his comments. Perhaps Fox cut away from it because it became too difficult to keep straight what he was attempting to say besides the ethanol claim.

He started out unintelligibly, referring to the local representative of Congress, Cynthia Axne, who he referred to as “Congressman.” 

That’s what happens when no one in his team knows what a woman is — they’re that perplexed even over the most fundamental fact.

Biden falsely claimed that Putin’s price increases were to blame for the increase in gas costs. However, gas prices were already exorbitant prior to the war. Of course, Biden hasn’t stopped lying about it since then.

But he received a communication from what appeared to be a bird. He claimed that he was speaking in a “barn,” but it looked like a bird pooped on him at one point. Watch his left shoulder carefully at around :12 into the video.

Author: Scott Dowdy