Black Democrats Enraged By Biden’s State Of The Union Speech


The BLM movement and a lot of its supporters lashed out at Pres. Joe Biden after he announced in his SOTUS that Dems would help fund the police.

Joe Biden emphatically went against the “Defund the Police” agenda during his speech and most Dems applauded his comment.

“Proven tactics like trusted messengers, breaking the cycle of trauma and violence, community violence interruption, and providing young people with some hope,” said Biden.

“We should all agree that the answer is not defunding the police, it’s to help fund the police!” he added.

“Fund them!” Biden said during the wild applause. “Fund them with training and resources!  Training and Resources they will need to keep our communities safe!”

Not everyone was happy with the policy announcement.

The official Black Lives Matter account posted a picture of Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters (Calif.) frowning because of Joe Biden’s statement.

Others were a lot more severe in their excoriation of Pres. Biden.

“Fund the police? F*** you, Biden. I f***ing hate this nation,” tweeted one person who said he was a communist.

“Love how Joe Biden listed a lot of bipartisan things he signed for numerous groups and then for black people he was like, ‘F*** YOUR MARCHES, More funds for cops! Suck it black people!’ Really cool stuff,” responded another commenter.

“lmao mask off in this geriatric republican like f***” read another tweet.

“Dude says we should fund the police. He is an enemy of the people. Plain as that,” responded Albert Corado, a candidate for the LA City Council.

“F*** off, Joe Biden. The police are a racist, transphobic, corrupt, institution. All police are bastards,” said another detractor.

Establishment centrist Dems. have blamed the “Defund the Police” movement and progressives for their relative losses in the state and congressional races in the 2020 election. In one incident to remember, Dem House Majority Whip James Clyburn of S.C. said on MSNBC that the defund the police movement was “non-starter,” even with the black Americans, and said it was a “chokehold on the Democratic party.”

Author: Blake Ambrose