China Sends Drug Cartels a ‘Care Package’ — And It’s On Its Way To America


Chinese fentanyl makers are reportedly partnering with Mexican cartels to transport the deadly drug into the United States. The narcotic ends the lives of thousands of Americans every year and has been an ongoing problem for over a decade.

According to a new report, the Chinese makers of fentanyl are aligning themselves with Mexican drug cartels to move the substance over the border. Other reports say the border is pretty much open, in turn, making the movement easier for these groups.

Many cartels bring in drugs along with illegals. The problem is so far reaching that the cartels are paying American teenagers to help in trafficking drugs and and people over the border.

“Global crime organizations are bringing in our children,” said Border Patrol Official Gloria Chavez. “And these teens are trying to make some quick money, and they are then getting brought in through social media as drivers for smuggling groups.”

Back in May, Republican Rep. Brian Babin (Texas) said he thinks the border is controlled by such cartels.

“Absolutely terrible what we are seeing,” said the Republican lawmaker. “Biden has empowered these cartels. They are pretty much in control of the border. Plain and simple.”

As the border problem keep going without abatement, more illegals than ever are having the cartels, who are connected to the Chinese government to be brought into the United States. Smugglers are reportedly charging between $1,300 and as much as $10,000, depending on the nationality, and often force them to transport drugs with them.

Fentanyl being given by the CCP is the most common, making its way into the United States after being given to cartels who then bring the drug in. While the CCP has said it is cracking down on the production of the narcotic, most makers have shifted strategy and the drug keeps flowing.

Instead of producing fentanyl, many makers have shifted to forming the base ingredients that then combine to give the drug. China’s President Xi Jinping did not publicly say he will try to end this type of production, even after his cracking down on the end product being produced.

No matter the type of production, the movement of drugs will not go down until border security is a serious topic in D.C. again.

Author: Scott Dowdy