Confirmed: Coronavirus Was Lied About From The Beginning


If someone in October had told you. “In the middle of everything coronavirus, people were just putting down covid as the cause of death … It is crucial to go back and do this sort of account to see if coronavirus was really the source of death.”

It would have taken only five minutes for the liberal media to cancel that individual entirely. They would have been said to have been a conspiracy theorist.

But these are the words spoken this week by Dr. Monica Gandhi, the University of California San Francisco professor of medicine, and an infectious illness expert. She was talking about the announcement that California’s Santa Clara County had changed its official coronavirus death toll down by 22 percent.

The announcement was done after the county “refined its methods in reporting the information.”

Santa Clara County — which is home to the heart of Silicon Valley — is the sixth-largest in terms of population inside California, with 1,927,470 residents, according to Census.

This is not small, in other words.

Before changing its approach, the county reported 2,201 people dead from covid. Now, that has been lowered to 1,696.

It is crucial to return and perform this accounting to see if coronavirus was really the reason for death,” Gandhi said.

“I believe that communication is a benefit, I mean, in the sense that it is true that this happened across the country, it would lower our death rate. A downside could be that some will say, ‘Well, it was not as serious as you reported.’”

Gandhi added she believed this was going to help covid vaccine holdouts to get vaccinated.

“Because a lot of them are saying, ‘I’ve heard of people dying anyway of coronavirus, so what is the point?’ And it is very crucial to know, ‘did they die from coronavirus or were they in the hospital for something else and died?’” Gandhi said. “That helps people understand, ‘Oh, the risk of serious infection is low so I want to get vaccinated now.’ So I believe it is very good for vaccine hesitancy.”

Santa Clara County was not the only California county to review its data, either. The others reported this same kind of discrepancy.

Author: Blake Ambrose