Demands For Biden’s Resignation Grow To Fever Pitch


Congresswoman Claudia Tenney this Thursday urged for President Biden to resign from his office after his “reckless and unilateral retreat from Afghanistan,” stating that he “was not up to the challenge” of a national security crisis.

“In addition to a complete congressional inquiry, which must happen promptly, today I am repeating my call for Joe Biden to resign after his reckless retreat from the nation of Afghanistan,” the NY Republican, who is a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, said in a comment.

“His mismanagement of this crisis shatters any confidence in his ability to be our Commander-in-Chief, which is a president’s most important responsibility,” she said. “As American lives are hanging in the balance, our president was isolated from his advisors and sleeping at the wheel. As the circumstance deteriorated quickly, President Biden only spent a few hours managing the crisis. Until recently, he had not even spoken to even one world leader about the situation, even though our NATO allies have had a robust presence in the nation of Afghanistan.”

Biden has repeatedly defended the United States withdrawal despite coming under criticism after the Taliban moved to seize control over the capital city, saying that this could not have been predicted. The president told ABC News this Wednesday “the idea that the Taliban would seize power was based on the notion … that somehow, the 300,000 military troops we had equipped was going to collapse, they were going to give up. I do not think anyone anticipated this.”

Tenney said this Thursday that “a complete investigation will ultimately decide if President Biden’s disastrous management of the crisis was because of incompetence or some other cause. But even without this investigation, we can already come to the informed conclusion given the available facts and evidence that President Biden is not up to the challenge of replying effectively to any national security emergency.”

In conclusion, the congress-member said: “As our adversaries watch us, you can guess that they have determined we are vulnerable right now. The American public are at risk, and we cannot afford to wait for another crisis to hit. President Biden is not capable of being Commander-in-Chief and must resign.”

Author: Blake Ambrose