Democrats Fail To Arrest Trump Again — And His Response Says It All


Former President Trump this Wednesday hit back against last week’s U.S. Justice Dept. order that his tax returns be given to a House committee.

In a document filed in federal court in DC, Trump’s lawyers said the House Ways and Means Committee does not have a legitimate foundation for obtaining his tax returns, and that the Justice Dept. make a mistake when it supported the committee’s request.

Trump’s attorneys reiterated their opposition to this exchange, arguing that Dems demanded the returns “to get revenge on President Trump because of his policies, his political stances, and his speech, including the positions he had during the 2016 and 2020 elections.”

Trump’s lawyers said the committee was without a valid reason for requesting such documents from Congress.

“The new Justice Dept.’s Office of Legal Counsel opinion does not go against the record of impermissible intent, but instead gives unsupportable reasoning and shallow justifications for why the government should ignore this evidence,” Trump’s lawyers wrote.

The dept., reversing course from its opinion when Trump was in office, last Friday told the IRS to give the GOP businessman-turned-politician’s tax records over to congress – a move he has long worked to stop.

The Dem-led Ways and Means Committee has stated that it wants to view the tax data to decide if the IRS was correctly auditing presidential tax returns to see if new laws might be needed.

Trump’s attorneys said that was a “pretextual” rationalization.

“The requests are tailored to just President Trump,” they stated in a Wednesday court filing. “The requests focus on President Trump because he is a political opponent and a Republican.”

Critics accused Donald Trump of using the Justice Dept. to push for his personal interests during his four years in the White House, and they claim the dept. has moved to reassert its alleged independence since Joe Biden entered office.

After another legal matter, the Manhattan DA’s office in Feb. separately got Trump tax records in a criminal investigation focusing on his company, though the information found was not publicly revealed.

Author: Blake Ambrose