Democrats Freakout Over What This 25yo Republican Is Doing

One of the obstacles we’ll face is convincing more conservative individuals to run for public office. We’ll need leaders that will defend principles and the American people, rather than constantly giving in to the Democrats. We’ve had enough of compromisers and those who, when they get into power, immediately hand it over to the Democrats. So we’ll need strong individuals to stand up for us across the nation.

Maryland’s 6th District, presently occupied by Rep. David Trone (D-MD), progressive multimillionaire owner of Total Wine, is one of several races in which the Democrats are in peril.

The youngest of the candidates, 25-year-old “outsider and conservative reporter” Matthew Foldi, proudly states that he worked for the Free Beacon, “exposing” the Biden administration and Democrats as one of his appeals to vote for him. Foldi has still got to win in the primary, but he is already making significant shots at his Democratic opponent for not going to work and not keeping his office open for his constituents.

“I’ll put a stop to this madness, and I’ll show up to work,” Foldi claims in his campaign ad. He added that when he is elected, the district will be represented by a “full-time” representative.

Foldi did excellent reporting on a major dispute in the Biden Administration that few had talked about, that involved Jennifer Granholm and her position as an electric vehicle battery company Proterra shareholder. Her stock had to be sold as a result of his reporting, and he claimed he’d use subpoena power to discover to whom she sold it.

“I believe that the American people recognize there is a lot of questionable stuff happening in the White House, but we can’t necessarily rely on the media to do it for us,” Foldi explained to Fox News last month. “And I felt limited as a journalist in what I could accomplish.The Biden team may choose to disregard us, which is a sad reality. Unfortunately, journalist don’t have subpoena power.”

Foldi appears to be giving Trone and the Democrats fits already.

The operatives in Trone’s district refer to him as “Frontline.” This means that he’ll get more attention since they’re concerned that his seat will be gained.

It’s pretty terrible. They’ve designated 33 individuals as “less resilient.”

What’s their reaction to all of this? There was no greater understanding, no better policy solutions to address what they had broken. Their method? Let’s refer to everyone as “extremist MAGA Republicans.”

Author: Scott Dowdy