Democrats Furious As One Of Their Own Celebrates Epic Virginia Loss


Following a red wave in Virginia which saw Republican gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin defeat Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe, former Democrat congresswoman and presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard celebrated the results, calling McAuliffe’s “loss a victory for all Americans.”

Gabbard tweeted, “McAuliffe’s loss is a victory for all Americans. Why? Because it was a resounding rejection of efforts to divide us by race, the stripping of parental rights, and arrogant, deaf leaders. This benefits us all.”

The former Democratic representative has certainly not been shy about attacking the disastrous Biden regime when appropriate.

In October, Gabbard made headlines when she slammed Biden and his team, saying, “The faith and trust that the American people need to have in our leaders is dropping every day. The Department of Homeland Security Secretary recently told Congress our borders are secure. This is what he said, this kind of bold-faced lie whether it has to do with domestic issues or foreign policy issues.”

“We’ve seen this with Afghanistan and the tragically botched withdrawal of our troops and Americans out of Afghanistan, when people are being lied to, the American people are being lied to, it is revealing of the arrogance, and the self-serving nature of leaders who are in power in this country,” she continued.

“And the disrespect, the disrespect that they have for the American people, and it’s why people are losing faith and trust in those leaders. If we have leaders who respect the people, then the people will respect our leaders. If we have leaders who trust the American people, we will trust our leaders. And that’s the problem here is we don’t have leaders who have that trust and respect and who therefore put themselves ahead of the interests of the people.”

Gabbard has also blasted the Democrats’ elitism, most recently when she was asked about special counsel John Durham’s criminal investigation into the origins of the Russia probe.

Fox News’ Bret Baier asked, “Your thoughts as we’re starting to get this Durham investigation and what that means?”

“Confirms what I’ve known to be true, which is that you have the power elite, people like Hillary Clinton, those around her working with the media, the deep state in order to bring down the destruction and downfall of anyone that they deem to be a threat to their power,” Gabbard said.

“Outsiders, people like me, people like Donald Trump, doesn’t matter, Democrat or Republican, if they identify, hey, this is someone who’s not going to toe the line, this is someone who’s not going to follow kind of the establishment way of things that are accepted, they pose a threat and we will do, they will do all they can to silence or censor or cancel what they view to be a threat, and so this is bigger than than about me or Trump or anyone else.”

She added, “This is actually a threat to our country and our democracy the arrogance that these people have in thinking they have the right to manipulate the American people, what they view, what they hear, what they see, all to preserve their own selfish interest, not caring at all about the impact on the country, the impact of the American people or who gets hurt along the way.”

Author: Marcus Gunthrop