Democrats’ Infrastructure Bill Completely Reverses Biden’s Top Promise


Remember that pledge that Biden made that he was not going to increase taxes on people bringing in under $400,000 per year?

“If you make under $400,000, you will not see a single penny in more federal tax,” Biden said to George Stephanopoulos back in March of last year.

But then Psaki attempted to fudge that by reporting that he meant “families” earning that number or suggesting that it was for couples. Which, of course, has a totally different meaning and leaves single people at much more risk.

But that is not the only spot where Dems are attempting to sneak something past us in connection to possible taxes.

In the new bipartisan deal, there is a provision for a “national vehicle per-mile fee” program. The pilot program, under section 13002 of the legislation, would target vehicle mileage, charging people based on miles traveled.

So that is the White House’s explanation to what seems like a shadowy way to move toward a national tax on mileage?

From Yahoo:

“There is nothing in the bill that goes against the president’s pledge. This refers to two measures about research. One gives grants to states if they wish to do their own research. The second is about a federal pilot program for volunteers, who received complete refunds, for studies that would then only be the foundation for recommendations about future laws,” one White House official said. “The admin. will evaluate all laws, including any relevant to these programs, against the $400,000 promise.”

This program will be tested with “volunteers” who will then be reimbursed, the White House says.

So you are just performing a pilot program to decide if we should have a nation wide vehicle per-mile fee, but do not worry because hey, we might choose not to do it? We are supposed to believe this? Why are you even thinking of this to begin with? Do we need to remind anyone that income taxes originally were not meant to be permanent?

Democrats – they just cannot stop attempting to enforce taxes onto everyone, even if they pledge not to.

Author: Scott Dowdy