Don’t Like Fauci? Soon You Won’t Be Able To Say So


A professor of molecular virology at Baylor College is now urging that criticisms against Dr. Fauci and other gov. scientists be prosecuted like hate crimes.

In a July 28 paper called “Mounting antiscience aggression,” Peter Hotez says that a “group of ultraconservative members of the Congress and other far-right officials are conducting organized attacks against top US biological scientists.”

Hotez, who says on Twitter that he is a “Vaccine Scientist-Pediatrician-Author-Combating Antiscience,” and often shows up on CNN and MSNBC, adds, “In parallel, conservative news repeatedly promoted disinformation created to portray certain American scientists as the enemies.”

To combat what he says is “antiscience aggression,” Hotez says we need a number of ideas, including a complete clamp down on alternate views.

He recommends, as one example, a measured called the Scientific Integrity Act of 2021 (H.R. 849), introduced in February by Democrat Congressman Paul Tonko (NY).

The bill, he says, would “guard US Government scientists from political interference, but this must be extended for scientists inside private institutes and universities,” he says.

“Another potential is extending federal hate-crime safe guards,” he says, and then continues with what looks to be a recommendation for blacking out views opposing his own:

“As Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel once said, neutrality favors the oppressor. We must take measures to guard our scientists and take fast action to counter the increasing wave of far-right antiscience aggression. Not doing this is an endorsement, and a guarantee that the productivity of science in the country will lose ground.”

Hotez’s Twitter feed has numerous retweets of other people praising for him:

Hotez gives as one example of “antiscience aggression” House GOP Subcommittee on the source of COVID-19 “with the idea that it was created by genetic research from the Chinese Wuhan Institute of Virology.”

“GOP Senator Ron Johnson (WI) organized a roundtable to stress the rare side effects from covid vaccines, as evening Fox anchors promoted false claims concerning deaths from covid vaccinations,” he gives as another example.

“We must take measures to guard our scientists and take actions to counter the increasing wave of far-right antiscience aggression,” Hotez demanded.

Author: Scott Dowdy