Home News FBI Director Shocks Conservatives With Another Bald-Faced Lie About Jan 6th

FBI Director Shocks Conservatives With Another Bald-Faced Lie About Jan 6th


The Director of the FBI, Christopher Wray, is now claiming there is no difference in the treatment of January 6th protesters in relation to how BLM and Antifa forces were treated.

“There is one standard, which is: I do not care whether you are upset about an election or angry at our justice system,” Wray stated while speaking at the Presidential Library this week.

“Whatever it is you are upset about, there is a right way to express your anger and a wrong way — destruction of property, violence against law enforcement, — is not the right way. …That is what the rule of law is concerning,” he said.

Wray made up excuses as to why the January 6 protest crackdown was so aggressive in comparison to the FBI’s response to BLM and Antifa terrorism.

“In the January 6th instance, it happened in daylight and was … pictured extensively, people’s faces visible, and involved an unmistakable entry into Congress while they were having a most sacred session. Contrast that with what we saw last summer was happening at night, with people’s faces concealed, usually attacking buildings that was not federal property, in certain cases a courthouse, but not while people were there working,” he said.

However, Wray’s talking points don’t live up to the reality. The truth is BLM and ANTIFA terrorists are allowed to work with impunity while January 6 election integrity protesters were crucified by the system.

We have reported on how ANTIFA and BLM had their charges removed after the feds discussed following their sustained terror campaign on a local facility in Portland:

“The federal DOJ dismissed the cases for 31 ANTIFA terrorists who were hit with criminal charges connected to rioting in Oregon.”

“Four of the defendants were hit with felony assault charges of a federal officer previously, but now those charges are removed. Over half of the charges were “removed with prejudice,” meaning those cases can never be brought back up again in court.”

“Billy Williams, the United States Attorney for Oregon, said there would be severe consequences for ANTIFA terrorists who commit acts of violence outside of the Hatfield Courthouse through the summer of 2020.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire