Freedom-Fighting Cubans Are Finally Getting The Support They Deserve


The Senate Foreign Relations Committee unanimously approved a resolution supporting anti-regime protesters in Cuba.

Cuba is witnessing unprecedented and widespread protests against the island’s violent communist dictatorship, which has since cracked down harshly on dissidents.

Protesting Cubans have been essentially disappeared by the brutal government known for silencing voices who oppose it.

According to a press release from the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, the resolution condemns “the Cuban government’s violent response to the thousands of Cuban citizens who have taken to the streets to peacefully call for respect for basic human rights and the end of the dictatorship in Cuba.”

“As the oppressive Communist Cuban regime continues to hold the people of Cuba hostage after 62 years of repression and constant abuses, I welcome the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations’ passage of this important bipartisan resolution,” remarked Republican Sen. Rubio.

“The U.S. must stand with the courageous people of Cuba as they fight for their basic freedoms and against tyranny.”

“This month, we saw decades of deep Cuban frustration over inept, corrupt, and cruel governance boil over,” added Democrat Sen. Dick Durbin. “While I have long argued for a change in the failed U.S. policy toward Cuba, the Cuban people know the real source of their island’s lost potential rests squarely with the ruling dictatorship.”

The resolution reads in part:

“Whereas the nationwide protests represent the full diversity of Cuban society, with demonstrators proudly proclaiming ‘‘Patria y Vida!’’ (Homeland and Life!) and calling for ‘‘libertad’’ (liberty);

Whereas despite the authoritarian regime’s blocking of internet service to prevent the spread of information about the demonstrations, Cubans witnessed examples of their compatriots demanding change in their country and courageously joined the growing protests;

Whereas despite the peaceful nature of the demonstrations, Miguel Diaz-Canel incited violence among Cubans and encouraged his supporters to attack peaceful protestors, declaring in a televised address, ‘‘the order to fight has been given — into the streets’’ and pledged his supporters’ lives: ‘‘Over our dead bodies. We are prepared to do anything’’;

Whereas for years the Cuban regime has exported its authoritarian methods to Venezuela, sending intelligence personnel to assist Venezuelan security forces as they repressed similar peaceful protests calling for democratic change;

Now, therefore, be it resolved that the Senate: expresses its strong solidarity with the people of Cuba in their desire to live in a free and democratic country with uncensored access to information, justice, and economic prosperity.”

President Joe Biden has remained uncomfortably silent on the matter – issuing little more than small statements in an attempt to satisfy demands that he take real action.

Republican Rep. Maria Salazar said she’s asked for Democratic colleagues and the Congressional Black Caucus to help send a message to the Biden administration about Cuba. Salazar claimed protests against Cuba’s oppressive regime and police brutality draw similarities to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Salazar said, “I have reached out to my colleagues on the Democratic side… and I have said to the Black Caucus, help me, help me, because just like you have a George Floyd, and that should have never happened, we have Jorge Flores on the streets of Havana, the Afro-Cubans that we need to defend from aggression from the police. It’s the same thing.”

“And I’m asking them, please send the message to the Biden administration, because the same right that African-Americans have in this country are the same rights that the Afro-Cubans have on the streets of Havana. [They’re] being beaten by the repressive regime of Fidel Castro. It’s the same thing,” Salazar continued.

The most likely scenario, however, is that Biden and his mainstream media continue to shut down coverage of the still-ongoing crisis in Cuba – and that the Democrat president takes no serious action to help the Cuban people for fear of contradicting his party’s stance on communism.

Author: Lars Olsen