Globalists Meet To Decide The Fate Of Conservative Americans


Welcome to the World Economic Forum, held in Davos, Switzerland’s rolling idyllic countryside.

The scenery around WEF 2022 is so beautiful that it must be easy to not remember that it’s where a cartoonish group of Bond villains determines the fate of common people. Let’s start with Klaus Schwab, the cyberman come-to-life founder of the WEF.

“The future isn’t happening; it’s up to us,” Schwab stated in an address to a gathering of some 2,500 corporate, political, and media powerbrokers on Monday. “You have the tools to improve the world.” 

No, Schwab’s speech wasn’t stolen from the pages of George Lucas or the newest D-list dystopian hellscape film. Schwab genuinely thinks that all of the world’s issues may be resolved by billionaires, and their entitled heirs … you know, the people who mostly caused these macro-sociological, financial, and environmental, crises that are pushing us to extinction.

In the words of Noam Chomsky, “the most dangerous period in human history” is when “the fortunate ones will die faster.”

Then there’s J. Michael Evans, Alibaba Group president, who declared on social media that he and a Chinese multinational technology firm are working on the technology to monitor our personal carbon footprint. Who does not like the idea of having the world’s most powerful people, the individuals who control your destiny, aware of what you eat, buy, and where you travel?

What’s the worst that could happen? It isn’t conceivable that they’ll go after a conservative reporter and try to quietly take away his personal data or anything? They wouldn’t do this to you (not).

The incoming global food catastrophe that is apparently going to strike in roughly 10 weeks is one of the main talking points in Davos this year. However, attendees can easily afford the regular cost of a hamburger in Davos, which was about $75 in 2018.

The more I have learned about WEF and the Davos conference, the more I am reminded of two things. First, why do we act like these summits are anything more than a word orgy to make global bad guys feel better about all the things they do not understand about contemporary life for people without extreme wealth?

Second, why are we allowing them to have so much influence over our future? Why do we trust the big political, financial, business, and media institutions in comparison to ourselves, our families, and neighbors.

Author: Steven Sinclaire