Hillary Clinton Tries To Smear Trump, Ends Up Embarrassing Herself Instead

Few political operations were more dirty than the operation to destroy President Trump by the Clinton campaign.

As we previously said, the Durham probe was unraveling a ton of dirt. They had showed that Michael Susman who worked for Perkins Coie, the law firm that worked for the Clinton campaign and the DNC. That by itself was huge — that the investigators were targeting the attorney for the Clinton campaign. Plus, they were saying he lied about the fact he was given money by the campaign to push through the fake information about Trump.

But now even bigger news about Clinton, in a filing about the case against Sussman. Durham says in the filing that Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign gave money to an internet company to “infiltrate” servers at the Trump Tower and the White House to connect Donald Trump to Russia. This is John Durham stating that there was not only a spy campaign on Trump to destroy him, but that it kept going after he won the White House.

This is huge news. But the media has largely not covered it, except for conservative media. Instead, they have tried to focus on crazy stories from a new book saying they found documents inside the toilet in the Presidential residence when Donald Trump was there. From certain “sources.”

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton, who still believes she can win the White House, who is still hoping the Dems will toss Joe out in 2024 and run to her instead, is attempting another smear on Trump.

She is even attempting to raise money from it. She is hawking 30-dollar hats, off her escaping prosecution for her private email server.

Is she so hard up now for bucks that she’d stoop this low? She’s not reading the room ,and she got skewered unmercifully on social media. She’s reminding everyone of her perfidy with the hat.

With this new revelation, people see just how serious the powers that be are when it comes to force-flooding every white nation on earth with hundreds of millions of refugees. They will even spy on a sitting president if that president supports closed borders.

Author: Scott Dowdy