Israel Just Proved That The Vaccine Boosters Are Deadly

There have been 67,198 fresh cases of the covid virus that were reported by Israel on Sunday, with 29.63% of those tests coming back positive, as reported by The Jerusalem Post. The data has apparently come from the numbers by the Israeli Health Ministry.

A report from The Jerusalem Post has also showed that around 783 people in the country have remained in serious condition.

Israeli health leaders are already suggesting a 4th Covid booster for adults in the nation who are aged 18 or older. The release of a fourth shot started just around a month ago, which BLP had covered at the time. Citizens have largely already been forced to take a third booster as they are currently mandated to show proof of vaccination, called the ‘green pass,’ in order to participate in almost all aspects of life including going to concerts, going to gyms, dining out, and in many cases even being able to earn money in order to make a living.

Interestingly, even the mainstream news has shown that some Israeli hospitals in Israel have said that the 4th Covid-19 inoculation dose “generates only limited defense against the omicron strain that is spiking around the globe.”

The Israeli government has also recently announced that they were shortening a previous mandatory quarantine period of one week to five days in order to help the economy remain running. Some have questioned if the Prime Minister’s choice to shorten that period was politically motivated, especially because the U.S. CDC had also abruptly lowered their “Suggested Isolation and Quarantine Period for the General Population” criteria down to 5 days as well just less than thirty days ago.

Author: Blake Ambrose