January 6th Trial Suffers Another Hilarious Roadblock

The January 6th hearings are going swimmingly, at least according to the mainstream media and too-online Democrats. It doesn’t matter whether or not any actual evidence of a coup has been shown. It’s irrelevant that nothing has been demonstrated linking President Trump to the Capitol break-in. The orange fellow is terrible, therefore the hearings are a success, according to Liz Cheney’s comments during primetime.

They aren’t a success, though. The hearings have been marketed as a means to incarcerate President Trump, but instead provided the same emoting we’ve been hearing for a year and a half. The committee has been desperately searching for anything that could change things around, and with one delay already on the books, the hearings will now be delayed until after Congress’s July 4th recess.

They believe you are an imbecile. Do people really think they’re postponing these hearings because they’ve received a magical new tranche of evidence that will finally produce a smoking gun? Or do they believe there will be more hearings added because they couldn’t have possibly known how much material there was to go through?

Remember, these events have been planned and choreographed for months. However, just before the clock strikes midnight, they are reconsidering because they’ve accumulated too much damning evidence to handle.

Come on, no one buys that anymore, and no one should believe it. It’s a pathetic way to react to the fact that these hearings are crumbling apart and that the committee is now under pressure to come up with anything to extend things out. We began this process with promises of direct evidence showing Trump organizing the riots on January 6th. All they’ve given us so far are delays, uncertainty, and murmurs about documentary films.

Why did they choose to conduct the hearings in this manner? Hearings are usually held over days, with each day devoted to a short period of time in order to keep attention. The January 6th committee’s attempt to prolong things for months demonstrates that its members are weak and unprepared, unable to achieve what they have promised. Fewer people will be concerned as a result of their delays. Wasn’t it intended to persuade others?

It’s hard to know what to make of this. Did the panel believe they would be able to scream loud enough that Trump would go away from the national limelight? Or is it simply a game to keep this in the headlines until Election Day, hoping it will somehow stop the red tide from sweeping over Democrats?

This is a mistake of monumental proportions. The Democrats have overplayed their hand, and there’s no avoiding it.

Author: Blake Ambrose