Just When You Think Biden’s Extremist Agenda Couldn’t Get Any Worse…


Democrats are boldly destroying the nation right before our own eyes.

Recently changed data from U.S. Border Protection reveals border apprehensions have gone past one million for 2021, which is a first since 2006. The amount of apprehensions at America’s border will almost certainly go beyond the 2006 amounts, however, with our current fiscal year not closing until September 30.

The U.S is also currently on path to reach a new record for the amount of apprehensions on our border, going higher than the record of 1.69 million the nation experienced in fiscal year 1986.

This revelation comes right after VP Kamala Harris had her theatrical trip to the southern border (which only happened after former Trump announced his visit to the border). Harris, whom President Biden put in charge of the White House’s border response back in March, took around three months to finally travel to the border.

During what will certainly be a record year for captures, Democrats are trying to force in more left-wing immigration programs into this year’s budget to give additional green cards and amnesty to around 10 million illegals.

In a recent internet post, the Federation for American Immigration Reform went against Democrat’s plan to takeover the budget in order to force amnesty on the American public, saying that: “Giving amnesty to millions of illegals would not only make the already terrible crisis worse, but will deeply harm our country for decades.”

The organization also stressed that “all eyes will be on alleged moderate Democratic Senators like Joe Manchin (W.Va.), and Kyrsten Sinema (Ariz.).” It also said that new polls find that most voters in West Virginia and Arizona are less likely to support their senators if they “support programs to short-circuit normal rules to get amnesty for illegals.”

This comes at a time when President Biden is coming under fire for his lacking border protections and his bending over backwards to appease and encourage illegal immigration. Republicans say this is all about Democrats’ desire to alter America’s demographics to guarantee they will always easily win over their Republican opponents.

Author: Scott Dowdy