Kamala Harris Caught Helping The Worst Criminals In America


A left-wing bail group, supported by Vice Pres. Kamala Harris, assisted in freeing a guy who is now charged with murder in the second-degree in St. Paul, MN. The group helps pay bail for criminal suspects who are suspected of crimes.

Harris advised Americans to make donations to the Minn.Freedom Fund amid violent riots in June 2020 sparked by the movement of Black Lives Matter in order to bail out rioters from jail.

After Shawn Michael Tillman was detained in late April for indecent exposure, the Harris-supported Freedom Fund assisted in his release.

Tillman has now been detained and is facing second-degree murder charges. Demitri G. Ellis-Strong, 37, was fatally shot by Tillman at a railway station in downtown St. Paul, according to the police. Tillman’s $2 million bond keeps him in the Ramsey County Jail.

Regardless, Tillman’s release is being defended by Freedom Fund executives.

Mr. Tillman’s bond was $2,000, which, according to an official, was “a modest sum compared to our usual bail request of even more than $58,000 and was well within our daily bond threshold.” Our Post-Release Team made an effort to get in touch with Mr. Tillman after paying his bail, as they do for all of our clients when they are released.

Before the incident, Tillman had a long criminal history, having been charged with assault, many counts of indecent exposure, and unauthorized possession of a handgun.

This is the second case in which a suspect that was released from custody thanks to the Harris-supported Freedom Fund has been charged with murder.

According to Breitbart News, George Howard who is 49 was detained on suspicion of domestic abuse but was later released from custody after posting a $11,500 bond by the Freedom Fund. In a road rage incident a few weeks later, Howard is accused of shooting and killing Thirty-eight year old Luis Damian Martinez Ortiz.

The Freedom Fund, supported by Harris, has also aided in releasing from prison:

  • A number of suspects charged with domestic violence
  • A guy accused of sexually attacking a girl that was eight years old
  • A man accused of attacking and robbing a woman that was 71 years old
  • A suspect in a robbery who allegedly stomped on his victims
  • A lady charged with using a knife to attack her aunt
  • A guy who is suspected of sexually abusing his 16-year-old niece
  • An individual was charged with molesting his 15-year-old daughter
Author: Scott Dowdy