Liberal Media Rushes To Censor Leaks From Biden’s Ukraine Call


Chaos erupted on the internet after CNN published a leaked news report about comments President Biden made to the Ukrainian president in a call during the rising problems about the potential Russian invasion.

Biden talked to President Volodymyr Zelensky this week about the Russian threat but a leaked insider report said that he informed Zelensky that a military invasion was virtually guaranteed and that the nation should start “preparing for impact.”

Biden also said that the capital of Kyiv would be “sacked” by the Russian military, according to the possibly untrue report.

That report was spread by many anti-Russian and anti-Trump CNN reporters, and reported on by Jake Tapper on CNN before the Biden White House claimed the news was fake. He mentioned a top Ukrainian official as the source for his story.

The official twitter account for the “The Lead” tweeted his video of Tapper’s report and then removed it. Later, the video was reposted and added that the Biden team had disputed this story.

A spokesman for Zelensky put a comment supporting the claims of the Biden White House that the story was not true.

“Dear colleagues! Some reports about the discussions between Presidents Joe Biden and Volodymyr Zelensky have showed on social media, citing an alleged ‘top Ukrainian official.’ These rumors are totally false,” read the comment.

“Good information can only be gotten from official sources from the American and Ukrainian sides. Everything else is speculations,” the comment continued. “In this troubling time, we ask that you treat all information as responsibly as you can and publish only very verified data.”

Here is the latest on the story from the CNN news outlet:

Christopher Miller from Buzzfeed News said his source had confirmed that the statements mentioned by the leaked report were accurate.

Some asked if CNN was forced by the Biden White House to remove an accurate report.

“CNN either totally botched a report that might impact whether or not Russia goes to war in Ukraine, Or they got the story right and got bullied away from reporting the truth by the Biden White House. It was probably the former,” tweeted Brent Scher from the Free Beacon. “Under the previous admin they would have defended their terrible reporting, but now they are backing down.”

Author: Blake Ambrose