Liberals Demand A Bizarre Thing In Response To Last Week’s Shooting

The mass shooting in Texas served as the pretext for ABC News to request Biden stop all immigration enforcement.

Juliette Kayyem, a former Department of Homeland Security official who now works for CNN and is a radical leftist, went on TV to urge Biden to cease enforcement of immigration law in Uvalde, Texas, where the massacre took place.

“I’m going to do what the evidence says now from an investigation standpoint. So I have demographics first and foremost, as well as an 80 percent Hispanic school district, which is critical for the federal government to say right away because it’s during this time that immigration enforcement should be suspended in that area,” she added.

“We need the federal government to tell everyone right now that they are basically safe harbor in terms of immigration status,” Kayyem added, lamenting “all of the politics going on in Texas right now regarding the border.”

We’ve previously written on the enormous border problem in Texas, which has been exacerbated by Biden’s lax attitude:

“Retired Lt. Colonel Raul Reyes will stand firmly against the migrant invasion that is permitted to cross into Texas by Democrats and collaborating Republicans while serving in the state senate.”

“After border patrol posted a video depicting the severity of the problem in Texas, Reyes offered this statement:”

“The occupation of Texas is horrible. I totally reject this invasion and promise to continue fighting tirelessly to defend and preserve Texas’ sovereignty,” Reyes said when asked about the situation.”

“The present status of our great State of Texas is a perfect illustration of how current leadership has put their own personal interests before the greatest interest of Texas families. On day one, I will take action and work with other genuine conservatives to preserve Texas!” he concluded.”

“Pete Flores, the Democratic candidate for District 24 state senate, has been blessed by the pro-amnesty organization the LIBRE Initiative. While serving in the state Senate, Flores opposed House Bill HB4306, a measure that would have increased border security and infrastructure. Immigration patriot groups have launched a website to draw attention to Pete Flores’ terrible ‘America Last’ record known as”

Democrats can’t wait even a day before capitalizing on these events for their anti-American cause. CNN should be embarrassed.

Author: Scott Dowdy