Liz Cheney Vows Revenge On All Trump-Supporters


Republican representative for Wyoming Liz Cheney has vowed to back anyone who oppose Republican election skeptics, even if it means aiding Democrats in their efforts to unseat members of her own party. During an interview on ABC’s “This Week,” Cheney promised to support Democrats.

On Sunday morning, Cheney said, “We have election deniers that have been nominated for incredibly key jobs all around the nation.”

Cheney said, “I’m going to be extremely focused on trying to make sure that we do all that we can, not to elect election doubters. “I’ll strive to undermine such individuals and promote their adversaries. I believe it to be really important.”

Cheney pledged to participate in efforts to remove any Republicans who contest or dispute the outcome of the presidential election of 2020.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who is a leading GOP presidential contender for 2024 along with former Pres. Donald Trump, is one of the Republicans whom Cheney would not endorse.

According to USA Today, she said, “I believe that DeSantis is someone who is, right now, working for election deniers. And I believe it is something that deserves serious consideration on the part of individuals. Either you truly accept and believe in our constitutional system, or you don’t.”

Even though Harriet Hageman, who has received Trump’s endorsement, defeated Cheney in the Wyoming Republican primary last week, “This Week” anchor Jonathan Karl still questioned Cheney about her plans to run for president and whether or not she would even do it as a Republican.

In response to the question of whether she would run as an independent or not, she said, “I haven’t made any definite choices or plans about that at this moment.”

Looking at it, Cheney said, “You run for president because you think you’d be the greatest – the best candidate, because you think you would be the greatest president of the United States.” Because I believe I would be the greatest candidate, whatever choice I make about doing anything important and serious would be done with the goal of winning.

The daughter of the former vice president Dick Cheney said that if she ran for president, Trump and the GOP National Committee would be afraid of her.

She stated, “I can see why they wouldn’t want me on a platform having a discussion with Donald Trump. I can see why they may not want it, and Donald Trump probably has no interest in it either.”

Trump was the front-runner with 56% of the vote in a Morning Consult survey conducted earlier this month for the GOP presidential candidate in 2024. Cheney received only 2% of the vote.

Cheney said that she intended to “inform” Americans on the disturbance at the U.S. Capitol on January 6.

“In addition, I’m going to devote a lot of time to doing all I can to inform the American people of what occurred. And I believe that our hearings have made a significant contribution to that,” Cheney said.

Author: Blake Ambrose