New Details Expose Jan. 6th Committee Corruption


Watchdogs warned the Daily Caller News Foundation that the Jan. 6 Committee engaged a consultant who could have a significant “conflicts of interest.”

According to his LinkedIn profile and an official congressional document that the DCNF was able to get, Brian Young works as a senior financial reviewer for the consulting firm Polar Solutions Inc. and as a contractor for the Jan. 6 Committee. However, he is also wed to Deputy Srgt-at-Arms Kim E. Campbell, the second-highest ranking member of the SAA, which is also being investigated by the committee for security lapses related to the Capitol incident.

According to Tom Jones, leader of the watchdog group American Accountability Foundation, the link would provide “a major conflict of interest” if Young’s employment entails evaluating the SAA’s or Capitol Police’s performance.

Jones told the DCNF, “Young has to be upfront about what he is doing on behalf of the J6 Committee. A husband cannot evaluate his wife’s performance independently and objectively.”

The SAA offices for the House and Senate work in conjunction with the U.S. Capitol Police to maintain security around the Capitol, safeguard members, and handle emergencies. According to its website, the Jan. 6 Committee is looking at “the exchange of intelligence” about the Capitol incident between federal, state, and local authorities as well as the SAA offices and Capitol Police.

On or before January 6, the committee is also looking at the “systems for monitoring” intel used by the House SAA and other agencies. It aims to publish both an interim and final report outlining its findings and “corrective measures” suggestions. When testifying before the committee in February 2021, former U.S. House SAA Paul Irving, who had resigned the day after the Capitol incident, said that “more needs to be done” to provide stronger security for the U.S. Capitol.

Amounts paid to Polar Solutions in Dec. 2021 and Jan. 2022 totaled over $93,000, as shown by House disbursement documents. His LinkedIn profile says Young works for Polar Solutions and offers “professional services and experience to National Defense, National Security, and the Legislative Branch for Law Enforcement.”

Republican South Carolina Rep. Ralph Norman told the DCNF that using a consultant who is actually married to a high level officer inside the SAA’s office in any capacity is very wrong.

A congressional source who was informed on the situation by a colleague told the DCNF that Young is also suspected of having sent Campbell an email at some time in conjunction with his official investigation responsibilities with the Jan. 6 Committee. The reported email’s contents were not examined by the DCNF.

According to Michael Chamberlain, head of the monitoring group Protect the Public’s Trust, “if it is true that he talked with his wife about a subject concerning her job, this is Ethics Conflicts 101,” he told the DCNF. “To avoid this kind of conflict of interest from affecting government activity, officials created ethics regulations.”

Author: Blake Ambrose