New Poll Shows The Democrats Have Delivered America To Trump

There’s a reason why you don’t wake up a sleeping giant. It’s an enormous blunder.

It was like kicking a sleeping giant when we raided the president’s private residence. This simply increased the number of people who were eager to come out and vote for Democrats to leave.

The Convention of States Action poll that was conducted after the raid found that it had dramatically boosted voter interest, with most respondents believing that the action was politically motivated.

The percentage of Republicans who said their motivation to go to the polls has increased was 81.3 percent.

Independents stated that their motivation increased by 71.7 percent.

The majority of both groups of Republicans and independents felt it was politically motivated.

According to the poll, 76.7 percent of Republicans believe that Trump’s “political opponents” were behind the operation.

53.9 percent of independent voters feel the same way, according to a recent poll.

It isn’t just the Trump raid that has concerned me. They’ve witnessed what happened when an FBI agent seized a sitting congressman’s phone in front of his family. That action against Rep. Scott Perry (R-PA), the leader of the House Freedom Caucus, enraged GOP congressional leaders. House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) threatened Merrick Garland with “Preserve your documents.” The FBI now reportedly visited or issued subpoenas to GOP lawmakers in Pennsylvania, raising one more concerning move to an agency that appears out of control.

Many people believe the FBI has been completely politicized by the Democrats. They feel that the Democratic Party will do whatever it takes to maintain power and remove political opponents. They feel that with these banana republic tactics, the Democrats are endangering our country. They think that this puts our entire Republic’s foundation of equal application of law at risk.

Mark Meckler, the president of the Convention of States Action, stated in a press release about the poll: “This Gestapo-style of injustice has generated a voting surge that is so tremendous, the polling doesn’t begin to capture what grassroots voters will do in November.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire