Obama And Clinton Are Clenching Their Teeth After This Announcement


We have finally started to get reports about John Durham’s probe into the bizarre Trump-Russia narrative. As we have reported, Michael Sussmann, who is one of the shadowy attorneys at the center of the fake Alfa Bank story about targeting the Trump campaign, was indicted.

Then something new occurred last week that caused eyebrows to raise. The FBI raided the home of Oleg Deripaska. While Democrats tried to spin this as another move on Paul Manafort, others speculated it could have something to do with the current Durham investigation.

That theory was supported today after it was exposed that the scope of the Durham investigation is going much further than originally believed.

Durham is definitely moving if he is going after the DNC and Fusion GPS along with the people he is targeting. I certainly did not expect that given how quiet it was for so long. I believe most just assumed he was about to end things. In fact, there was one report that said this some months ago. Yet, he has come back onto the scene with a huge indictment and is seemingly not even done yet.

Could he be now reaching the core of the DNC “hack,” which always looked more like a leak given the evidence? Will Fusion GPS’s Glenn Simpson get brought up in all this? We hope because that would mean some justice being done.

What we do know is that many Democrat-backed organizations and people spread fake allegations during the 2016 election to attempt to destroy Trump. Those people should pay the price if we will ever have our system of such interference and corruption.

Another piece of news shows Durham’s budget, which AG Garland essentially admitted to has been extended. So in other words, he is not ending his investigation anytime soon.

“I believe you can pretty much assume his budget has now been approved,” AG Garland stated. “We do not normally make a comment about those things.”

Garland continued: “You would know if he were not continuing his work.”

We are looking at a possible expansion of Durham’s scope, and I am surprised. I really believed he was going to hand over nothing. When Sussmann got his indictment, I believed he was a sacrificial lamb and this would be the end of it. But right now, Durham seems to be branching out into new places that Dems really don’t want him going around. Let’s hope it continues!

Author: Scott Dowdy