Pentagon Declares War On The Supreme Court

The Pentagon is defying anti-abortion measures passed in response to the Roe v. Wade repeal, another indication of how deeply despised Christian values are by the military.

Regardless of the wording of the legislation, military personnel, their family members, and non-military employees are still going to be able to murder unborn babies.

“Nothing is more essential to me or this Dept. than the well-being and health of our Service members, Civilian employees, and DOD family members,” Austin emphasized on Friday.

“I am dedicated to caring for our people and assuring their resilience and readiness. The Department is looking over this decision carefully and reviewing our policies to ensure that we can continue to provide unrestricted access to reproductive health services as required by federal law,” he continued.

The military’s embrace of far-left ideology as they regularly lose conflicts and embarrassed the United States on the global stage has been reported.

“Fox News host Tucker Carlson said the heresy of placing pregnant women in combat situations may not make America get stronger.” 

Stalker, a seasoned military-industrial complex operator who has acquired power and glory from fighting in deep state wars over the years, accused Carlson of defaming the golden calf of tolerance.

“Drama television is what I call it. I’ll apologize ahead of time and inform you that I do not have cable news in my home. I don’t have it at my workplace, and I’m not very big on drama TV,” Stalker explained, having been promoted to the rank of Command Senior Enlisted Leader of the U.S. Space Command for his devotion to military contractors.

“I saw the clip produced by Mr. Carlson, in which he was talking about pregnant women in the military, and I understand some comments were made yesterday. I’d remind everyone that his viewpoint, which he is entitled to hold, is based on zero days of military service,” he added.

The officer boasted of his decades of working for the military-industrial complex, taking over parts of the world for no reason other than to implant new American values like transgender children and feminism.

“These decisions were made by health experts, our civilian leadership, allowing for women to have some more time to spend with their kids and to recuperate, get ready and fit, and take the time that is needed and for our medical professionals to understand it is required is what really makes us a more lethal and prepared force, ready to fight today’s conflicts as well as future wars,” Stalker added.

Author: Blake Ambrose