Pollsters Predict Midterm Armageddon For Democrats


A new analysis of President Biden’s downward-sloping approval ratings has found that the Democratic Party might hemorrhage as up to 41 seats in the House in next year’s midterms.

Glen Bolger from Public Opinion Strategies said that it is not hard to connect polling to voting outcomes and since Biden’s approval is declining, he thinks the president’s party will lose almost 41 seats during the midterm, or 34 more than the Republican party needs to regain control of the House.

This comes before states have even redrawn their districts for the 2020 Census.

“As baseball player Yogi Berra said, it’s deja vu again,” Bolger said as he gave his analysis and his findings.

Biden’s ratings have been going down for months, but his approval took a huge hit after the deadly mismanaged withdrawal from Afghanistan. That said, Bolger said that he discovered that the Republicans made “huge inroads” with all voting blocs except young Americans who do not normally turn out in large numbers on Election Day.

And he stated that the congressional ballot is pretty much tied — a first since 2015, as President Obama’s second term was coming to a close.

“Biden’s disapproval rating and even his strong disapproval ratings are exactly where Donald Trump’s were just before the Nov. 2018 midterms, when the party in power lost the U.S. House and multiple gubernatorial seats,” he said.

“I would not want to be in charge of recruitment for Democrats since no Democrat in their right mind would want to go for office in this political environment,” he said.

Meanwhile, GOP pollsters Jim And John McLaughlin revealed, “In terms of what to anticipate for the upcoming 2022 midterms, our polling of possible voters points to Republicans leading Democrats in the overall vote for Congress 47%-46% with 7% being undecided.”

“This means possible voters are more willing to support a random Republican rather than a random Democrat for Congress,” they said.

And, as Dems get increasingly depressed over the president’s decreasing support, Republicans are getting more emboldened for next year’s elections, and this enthusiasm is being supported and led by the former president.

Pollster Scott Rasmussen, who is known for his accurate surveys, stated that Trump’s supporters are keyed up, noting that 75 percent of them report they are “very motivated” to vote.

Author: Steven Sinclaire