Red State Governor Brilliantly Outmaneuvers Biden


Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said on Monday that he has gotten doses of the antibody treatment and bypassed President Biden’s move to takeover the rationing of doses as he wants to.

Reporter Bob Garrett detailed, “Governor Greg Abbott says the state now has gotten its own supply of the Regeneron treatment, despite the roadblocks put into place by the Biden administration, from drug supplier AmerisourceBergen. The state is buying directly, Abbott says.”

Last week, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis also obtained his own doses of the lifesaving treatment for Florida citizens, going around Biden.

The governor published a video last Thursday announcing his move, captioned with, “Gov. DeSantis announces buying additional doses of the antibody treatment to go around the Biden government lowering Florida’s stockpile of the Regeneron treatment.”

As highlighted by conservative reporters, the Biden White House said they would be rationing the drug, effectively removing the supply from hard-hit states such as Texas and Florida.

The treatment has lowered hospitalizations and deaths from COVID by a large 70%, with almost no side effects, based on new studies. It has also been proven to shorten the time that symptoms are experienced by four days.

The move to takeover the supply was done to ostensibly limit possible shortages, though there are not any signs of a real treatment shortage. The executive takeover was widely slammed and even called out as an act of “political revenge” by GOP Sen. Marco Rubio (FL).

“Antibody treatments are no substitute for vaccines. But they’ve prevented many thousands of hospitalizations including with breakthrough cases,” Sen. Marco Rubio (FL) said on Twitter recently. “Now in a move that looks like political revenge against states such as Florida, the Biden team is rationing this treatment.”

Notably, the treatment has been very underutilized, as stressed in a report earlier this month. The Biden Administration, ironically, was widely slammed for not promoting this treatment and for it not getting to far fewer Americans that should have gotten it just weeks before Biden announced the new move to takeover the treatment.

Author: Scott Dowdy