Reporter: Their Desperation to Stop Trump Isn’t Just About Power

The Mar-a-Lago raid says so much about where we are as a nation, but if you look more closely, it says a lot less about us and much more about the Dems.

The Democrats are desperate to stop Trump, so much that they will invent one of the most despicable excuses ever cooked up to raid anyone, even a former president no less.

It’s obvious that they’re afraid of him running in 2024, and they’re scouring for anything that will keep him from being a candidate.

But it’s not just a loss of power that they’re concerned about. Democrats do, in fact, value it above everything else…well, almost. The only thing they care about more than power is their own safety. They know that if Trump gets into the White House again, his agenda will not simply continue what he did in his first term.

Trump will have a grudge, and it’s likely that he’ll use his power to exact payback on members of the Democratic Party. This doesn’t just imply that he’ll fire people. It’s probable that he’ll start investigations in order to expose their darkest secrets. The type of secrets that may cost them millions of dollars and lead to imprisonment for some individuals. Trump will most certainly carry out a crusade inspired by a personal need for those who wronged him to be punished, with the assistance of a more Republican-friendly Congress and Senate than ever before (now more friendly to him than ever).

It’s clear that the Democrats are desperate to prevent this situation from arising, and they seem determined to do so at any cost. You’ve seen a lot of commentary from left-wing news sources like CNN, which make it abundantly clear that the Democrats went too far and may have aided President Trump. The raid looked rash, but when you examine it through the lenses of certain elected Democrats, it was their only option.

The Democrats are on track to lose significant ground in the midterms if Republicans show up. They understand that the 2020 elections are in danger as a result of their ill-advised decision to put an unskilled and sickly individual in charge.

With all of the Republican surveys predicting Trump as the 2024 nominee right now, Democrats are undoubtedly beginning to get nervous. They have a lot to hide. The laptop of Hunter Biden, Fauci’s contacts with China and their COVID-19 virus, Pelosi’s insider trading, and other issues are things that the Dems would rather investigators not discover. They know that if Trump re-enters office, he will work to expose everything they’ve hidden.

Author: Scott Dowdy