State-Level Democrats Bring Biden’s Schemes To a Screeching Halt


Democratic Oregon Senator Ron Wyden will postpone President Biden’s Customs and Border Protection leader confirmation until his government answers some questions about how certain officials responded to civil unrest in Oregon, last year, CNN said this week.

Wyden stated he would not approve Chris Magnus‘ confirmation to the CBP commissioner, as reported by CNN. Wyden will not move forward with the nomination “until the DHS and DOJ provide Oregonians with good answers about what was going on in Portland in 2020, and who was behind it,” the senator said in a comment.

“Six months into this new admin., the Dept. of Homeland Security and Justice have not given any answers to basic questions about how the Trump White House misused resources to cause violence against peaceful protesters,” Wyden said.

Wyden leads the Senate Finance Committee which has power over the CBP commissioner. CBP will keep operating under the acting leadership as officials have seen record amounts of migrants forcing their way through the southern border.

Hundreds of officers stationed in Portland after a long-term period of civil riots and unrest around police reforms and so-called racial justice talking points. These police officers were not fully trained and were not given the right equipment, a Dept. of Homeland Security report discovered.

Wyden asked former A.G. William Barr and former acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf about the issue and after Biden became president then asked DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and AG Merrick Garland. Wyden said his questions for the Biden White House are similar to the ones he requested of the Trump-era officials given that they are still unanswered.

“The White House was informed on June 11 of what was required to get a hearing for Magnus,” a Wyden aide supposedly said, according to some reports. “As they have not given it, Senator Wyden told the administration this week he wouldn’t be holding a hearing until his questions are well answered.”

This comes at a time when the Biden Admin. is coming under fire for the huge flood of illegals coming into America through the southern border. Illegals which are then making their way through America’s heartland.

Author: Steven Sinclaire