Team Biden Scrambles To Censor New Disastrous Poll


According to a TIPP poll published this week, a majority of Americans feel the world is less stable since President Joe Biden took office.

The poll was conducted at the beginning of March, and it asked 1,318 people if the world is safer or less safe under Biden’s leadership. According to 51 percent of respondents, the world is less stable during Biden’s term in office, while 24% said it is more stable. Eighteen percent of respondents thought things had not changed.

The majority of respondents feel that the world is less safe under President Biden, with independents swinging the overall balance of opinion. Only 22 percent of Democrats, 88% of Republicans, and 53% of Independents agreed that the world is less safe during the Biden administration.

According to a recent poll, 56 percent of respondents believe Biden’s ill-fated Afghan withdrawal embolded Vladimir Putin in invading Ukraine. Another survey found that 62 percent of respondents believed if Donald Trump had been president, Putin would not have invaded Ukraine.

Biden’s overall grades among political parties on Russia are terrible, according to TIPP polling:

  • 60% of Democrats gave President Biden an A or B
  • 80% of Republicans gave him a D or F
  • 51% of Independents gave him a D or F
  • 68% of conservatives gave him a grade of a D or F
  • 40% of moderates gave him a D or F, while 31% of them gave him an A or B
  • 51% of liberals gave an A or B.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has made Americans more reliant on foreign suppliers for energy, while gas prices have increased by close to a dollar during Pres. Biden’s first year. Gasoline costs have grown by more than 70 cents since the invasion began, according to GasBuddy. Many people are now paying record-high gas prices that surpass 2008’s previous records.

Biden has sought to boost oil production among countries that do not share American values, such as Venezuela and Saudi Arabia. Joe Biden is also attempting to eliminate economic sanctions on Iran, which might allow the country’s oil output to return.

Biden has steadfastly refused to accept responsibility for the high prices at the pump. What was previously known as “transitory” inflation is now referred to as “Putin’s price increase,” according to CNN. Before that change, inflation was called “good” by CNN, which The Washington Post quickly reframed as “corporate greed.”

Author: Scott Dowdy