The Scope Of The Deep State Just Got Exposed, And It Is Terrifying


A Big Tech exec conspired with Hillary Clinton’s campaign and a leading research university to spy on Trump and his campaign.

It gets much worse than that as the spying had continued into Donald Trump’s term in the White House. It included the data exploitation that was coming out of the Exec. Office of the Pres. That this could take place, and that it has gone unpunished for so long, should scare everyone.

Last Sept., John Durham had indicted Michael Sussmann on a charge of lying to the FBI. John Durham’s indictment showed a broader conspiracy whereby a “Tech Executive 1” used the access he had to nonpublic internet data to collect all domain name system information on then candidate Donald Trump.

Joffe then enlisted some researchers at a “United States-based university” who had been working on a “cybersecurity contract for the federal government” that aided Joffe in analyzing the stolen data. The researchers and Joffe then created a white paper, with the help of Sussmann, that made the (now debunked) allegations that Donald Trump was involved in a criminal relationship with the “Russian Bank-1”.

Michael Sussmann then took the white paper directly to the FBI, allegedly saying that he wasn’t working for any clients— he was only taking this to the FBI as only a concerned citizen. But in reality, Michael Sussmann was billing both the Clinton campaign and Joffe for his work in disseminating and writing the white paper to the media. The goal of both the Clinton campaign and Joffe was to use that white paper to deepen the “narrative” that Donald Trump was compromised by the Russian government and, in turn, to start using any official investigation he was able to initiate to better legitimize that white paper.

As bad as the initial indictment was, John Durham has recently filed another motion alleging that even after Donald Trump became president, Joffe continued collecting information from Donald Trump’s private properties and from the EOP as well. Joffe’s company, Neustar, had an active contract with the EOP to give DNS resolution services. Information was then shared by Joffe to Michael Sussmann, who took the “narrative” against Donald Trump to “Agency-2” (thought to be the CIA).

The specific motion that John Durham filed this week is unusual, but it speaks to the number of institutions that are tied into executing and now covering up this theft of private and sensitive data and its exploitation for a partisan political purpose.

Big Law, Big Tech, defense contractors, higher education and the Dem Party — the John Durham indictment reveals that the country’s elites have zero respect for the rule of law or democracy.

Author: Steven Sinclaire