Top Intel Chief Reports Overlooked Reason America Is Doomed Under Democrats


House Intel. Committee Ranking Member Republican Devin Nunes (CA) implored the leaders of the intel community during a hearing about diversity this Wednesday to stay out of politics and put their focus on defeating America’s enemies.

At the Dem-organized hearing about “equity, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility” in the intelligence community (IC), Nunes said the IC is increasingly centered on issues that distract away from its mission to defeat America’s enemies. “Unfortunately, we cannot counter a hypersonic missile with better pronouns,” he said

“The indications, going from recruitment videos to top intelligence estimates, show an obsession with liberal dogmas and politicized acts that have no connection to deterring our enemies and winning wars,” he said.

“We see this tendency is just in the Intel. Community, but throughout the whole national security apparatus—inside the military, the State Dept., and other agencies,” he said.

He cited West Point seminars focusing on the dangers of so-called “white supremacy” and “systemic racism” and General Mark Milley’s defense for these events; the NSA allegedly spying on Fox News host Tucker Carlson; a recent National Intelligence Estimate about global warning; the State Dept. touting “Intersex Awareness Day” and “International Pronoun Day”; the firing of former NSA General Counsel Michael Ellis for political reasons; and the FBI infamously making use of falsified information to get warrants to spy on Trump ally Carter Page.

“The list goes on,” Nunes said. “Meanwhile, the global threat matrix does not take any time out concerning our national security agencies getting enthralled by critical race theory and correct pronoun etiquette.”

He said China was increasingly aggressive against Taiwan, in addition to its work of intellectual property espionage and currency manipulation along with cybercrime against the United States.

Nunes also took note of China’s recent hypersonic missile, which reportedly took the intelligence community by surprise, and spoke about the continuing fallout from the Biden White House withdrawal from Afghanistan, including helping the Taliban and leaving Americans behind.

“Unfortunately, we cannot counter a hypersonic missile with more correct pronoun usage, and a deeper understanding of white anger won’t help rescue Americans who are stranded inside Afghanistan,” Nunes said.

Author: Scott Dowdy