Top Republican Blows The Whistle On Gun-Grab Happening Now


Republican Congressman Richard Hudson (NC) told reporters this week that President Biden’s ATF was “attacking Americans’ Second Amendment and attacking veterans.”

Hudson was joined by Congressman Steve Scalise (R-LA) in putting attention on the ATF’s efforts to reclassify pistols that have stabilizer braces.

On June 7, 2021, we noted that the ATF put forward a rule that would put some AR-pistols with stabilizer braces underneath the purview of the National Firearms Act. This causes the process for buying said AR-pistols to be the same as the buying a suppressor, short-barreled-rifles, or a machine gun.

The process involves being photographed and fingerprinted, undergoing a background check, registering your AR-pistol in the ATF database, and handing over $200 for a federal tax. The whole process takes up to ten months to finish.

On June 16 of this year, Hudson hit back against the new rule, saying it was a tax on “disabled veterans.”

Hudson sent a message to AG Merrick Garland stressing that the ATF previously agreed with stabilizer braces because of their uses for veterans:

“The ATF has repeatedly said, “the brace concept was inspired by disabled combat veterans who still recreationally shoot but have a hard time reliably control heavy pistols without help. Consequently, the ATF agrees that there are legitimate use cases for these ‘stabilizing braces.’” If this is the new stance of the ATF, then…this rule is not about curbing gun violence as is said by this proposed guidance, but a tax on disabled veterans.”

Now, Scalise and Hudson are declaring their stance that the ATF’s attack on these braces is an assault on United States combat veterans:

One of the veterans who talked to reporters along with Scalise and Hudson said, “For the last years I have been going around the nation teaching veterans how to shoot. That brace is the key of everything I do.”

Republicans have previously pushed back on Biden’s ATF. With his pick to lead the ATF coming under heavy questioning and skepticism due to his very anti-gun stance.

Author: Scott Dowdy